Fiji is an incredible beautiful holiday destination if you love beaches, palm trees, snorkeling, culture but most of all: “have a relaxing holiday”.

Unfortunately, the Fijian prices are not comparable to those in Asia, but it is still worth every penny to go and visit these beautiful islands!

Half of Fiji is inhabited by Indians (from India), the other half is Fijian. Most of the population lives in poverty, but their culture is one of the warmest and most welcoming kind on this planet. You’ll have to get used to the “Fiji Time” (which basically means everyone and everything are late all the time ) but it sure as helps you getting into relaxing mode!

Do you have to book Fiji ahead of time? If you plan to travel in the Australian or New Zealand school holidays: YES! It’s incredibly popular! Also keep in mind that there’s only limited spots available on the islands, full means full.
Excursions and other activities often are more flexible to be booked on the day.

Don’t forget! Fiji is tropical. The weather is comparable to Cairns. Most people visit Fiji for 8 to 11 days. Your cheapest flights depart Brisbane and Sydney.


The airport is at Nadi, the main and biggest island in Fiji. This island is known to be the best spot to suck up the REAL FIJIAN culture, what a lot of people describe as “one of the most kind cultures and people on this planet”. This is also the area where a lot of volunteering work is available.

To visit this island, you can choose to purchase a Hop-on Hop-off bus pass with Fiji Experience. You’ll be with a group and guide and will travel the island by bus with Robinson Crusoe Island as your first stop! You’ll visit a local school, learn traditional rituals from the villagers and have your first real “CAVA” (alcohol) experience*.

You can see the main island in 4 days and 3 nights or you can decide to be “left behind” and take a bit longer time in the spots where the bus stops. Are you interested in doing some volunteering? They also offer these options, please contact us if you need help with selecting the right one! (or if you’d like any discounts).

* Your itinerary might change depending on the time of the year.



For those who prefer the beach we have: THE ISLANDS! A lot of them! Beach, palm trees, snorkeling off the beach, boats, manta rays, wooden huts, you name it! They’ve invented a great concept which is called the “Yasawa Flyer” which is basically a purple ferry that gives you the opportunity to Hop-on and Hop-off all of the islands.

How do you pick which island is the best?  The most romantic? Has the biggest party? Is the most beautiful? The cheapest? Ask our experienced travel advisors for help!

You can buy ready-made packages (easiest) which include all your accommodation, your boat and most of your dinners! (excluding local fees depending on the island). You also have the option to buy a “FULL MONTY” package, which includes all your activities on the islands #cheaper. Want to snorkel with manta rays? You got it!

If you want to keep it a bit more flexible (only recommended for low season) you can purchase a ‘Bula’ or a ‘Bula – Combo” (including accommodation) so you can decide which islands you want to go to on the day!

Most people visit the islands for 7 days and 6 nights.

Of course it’s also possible to combine both Fiji Experience and Awesome Fiji, you just need the time to do so. We might also be able to arrange some discounts on these trips, so do not forget to contact us beforehand.

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