Everyone has different motives to come to Australia: whether you have a family member who lives in Sydney; a friend who left to go travelling years ago and never came back; you want a gap year and are on a working holiday; or you just want to travel this fantastic, beautiful and diverse country. Well, you’re not alone! You can almost divide Australia in four parts: The East, the West and the Middle and the South. Three different areas on to one big big big piece of red earth. All worth visiting!

Thousands of backpackers travel to Australia each year! Why? Because Australia has it all! The Great Barrier Reef with its corals and sea life, the most amazing beaches with white sand and blue waters, beautiful national parks with lots of wildlife, very remote areas with red sands where you can drive for days without seeing another car (you might come across a massive rock #uluru) and of course the big metropolitan cities with all their cultures and sights! Great weather, but most of all, a very laid back and chilled atmosphere!

No worries mate!


Number #1 Take It Easy

Australia is LARGE! How large? Think of something big. Now double it. Australia’s bigger than that. Driving from one place to another can take up to 3 or 4 days!

Number #2 Save Time

Australia is not TOO large. You don’t need 4 months to do the East Coast. Use your time wisely!

Number #3 Work n' Travel

There is a lot of work in Australia, but don’t think it’s gonna be easy. Nobody hires you for less than 3 months! Count on 3 –4 weeks before you have a job. When you have one? Try and keep it. Travel first, then work, then travel! #system

Number #4 Plan Ahead

There’s no such thing as “spontaneous” travel in Summer! Australia is FULL, and so are most famous activities and accommodation!

Number #5 Save Up!

Australia is EXPENSIVE. My tip: save money on food and shelter, don’t hold back on the trips. You get what you pay for!

Number #6 Don't Get Wet

Jellyfish. Hurricanes. Thousands of Flies! Extensive Heat. Roads that turn into rivers, waterfall closures, even snow fall! #yesyoucanski This country has it all! Be aware of the seasons!

Number #7 Surf's Up!

Australia = Surfin’. Experience the waves, the cold (or warm water) at first hand! Know where to surf. Watch out for rips and sharks. There are life-guards on most public beaches, though. Not keen on the ocean? There are plenty of surfer dudes / chicks to have a friendly chat too. #drysurfexperience #singlelife

Number #8 Road Safety

Drive on the RIGHT side of the road: the LEFT side. #smart Watch out for exhaustion: Australia has very long and boring roads. Stay awake! Many have died. Don’t drive with dusk or dawn (kangaroos and animals crossing) and always have two people awake in the front while driving through the outback!

Number #9 It's OK to be a Tourist (every once in a while)

They are many touristic (and busy) places, but they are touristic for a reason: They are AWESOME and worth visiting!

Number #10 Ask For Help

Australians belong to the friendliest breed in the world. Even the weirdest stranger will still help you. Don’t just jump in a random guy’s vehicle, but don’t be afraid to ask anyone for help!



The East Coast is the easiest and most famous travelling destination in Australia. Campervans, tours, busses, you name it: It’s all possible! Most people take about 4 to 5 weeks to travel from Sydney to Cairns or the other way around!

Sydney is and remains an impressive city! Don’t forget to visit the famous Opera House, Manly & Bondi Beach and, of course, the Blue Mountains! [If you have more time (and money) Port Stephens, Figure 8 Pools, and the Hunter Valley)

You can travel with the Premier & Greyhound. These are hop-on-hop-off busses that bring you from location A to location B. The travel passes are valid for 3 months (6 month upgrade available). The difference between the two busses is their price and departure times. Greyhound is more expensive, but also goes more often per day and provides wifi / charging.

Guided Travel? There are companies who offer fully guided trips on the East Coast, where almost everything is included and you travel with the same group from the beginning till the end! Loka is an additional option for a guided travel, but with the freedom of hopping off and on whenever you want! Contact Lisanna for more info about this trip!

You can also rent a campervan or car. Please be aware that some of the companies have One Way Fees. Additional insurances are advised. Most of the time we get a cheaper price than you can find online, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Must-do places on the East Coast:

Byron Bay surfin' in style

Byron Bay surfin' in style

Noosa cocktail

Noosa cocktail

Fraser 4x4 driving

Fraser 4x4 driving

Whitsunday Sailing

Whitsunday Sailing

Snorkeling the reef

Snorkeling the reef

Waterfall exploring

Waterfall exploring

Cape Tribbing

Cape Tribbing



The West Coast is the most UNTOUCHED region of Australia. Driven 8 hours a day before? That’s nothing! Try 12! Although the roads are long and often with not much to see, it’s full of little hidden gems like: Shark Bay, Pinnacles, Karijini National Park, The Ningaloo Reef and The Kimberleys.

The best time to do the West Coast is from April – October. In the Australian summer (oct – april) the Kimberleys Broome to Darwin are actually closed, because the beautiful and amazing Gibb River Road, turns into the Gibb River due to the wet-season.

There’s two ways to do the West Coast: By tour or with a campervan / car. If you are self driving: please be aware of the additional outback fees (if you are renting) and of course the kangaroos! You’ll need about three to four weeks from Perth to Darwin. For more details information, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Swag the Outback!! Ever slept under the stars in the great outdoors!? This is the true Australian experience everyone should experience in his / her life. Eating red dust, fighting the flies, but enjoying the amazing landscape of the aboriginal land in the middle of Australia.

This is one of the spots in the country we recommend having a guide. Walking around by yourself, a rock is simply a rock. But once you hear the story, the spirits and the history that belongs to Uluru: your trip is so much more amazing.

All the tours include swag camping. Traveling with mum and dad? Don’t worry, there are upgrades available! HOWEVER, they are still camping. So if anyone has trouble walking, you may consider another destination.



Melbourne: Most livable city in the world!!! This city has it all: beautiful old / new buildings, grungy coffee places #bestcoffeeyouwilleverhave, amazing street musicians, art everywhere you look, business centers, the Formula 1, laid back bars and never-sleep clubs, backpackers from all around the world, you name it! From Melbourne you can visit the famous Great Ocean Road #mustdo, Grampians National Park, Philip Island or Wilsons Promontory National Park.

Flying to Tasmania from Melbourne is quite cheap! The ferry is often more expensive than the flights, but in some campervan / car rental cases it’s smarter to take the vehicle with you on the boat.

Tasmania is the place to be for adventure lovers! Do you love hiking? Animals? Oysters? Wicked views? Believe me, you don’t want to miss on Tasmania. This is also a very good “parents-love-it” place! Are your parents coming over? Rent a car, AirBnB-it and travel to Tasmania. Only have a few days or not keen on driving? There are plenty of companies that are absolutely brilliant and can show you this beautiful nature island the way you should see it!

Contact us if you need help with it! We can provide you with a perfect personalised MAP of Tasmania! #FREE

Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln #cagediving #greatwhites are great places to visit if you have a lot of time!

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