Hoi! My name is Lisanna. That’s like Lisanne, but then with an A 😉 I’m (duh) originally from Holland, but I’ve been living in Australia for over 6 years #melbournerocks #permanentresident. I previously worked for Peterpans Adventure Travel, Backpackers World Travel and Travel Freedom, but…since the success of “Dutchies in Australia” in 2014 [Facebook], I started ‘Dutchies Travel’ #trots #moetietsmetmnleven

I’ve travelled Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand three times or more (I like seeing things twice). I also host many Aussie/Dutch travel events like, NYdive, SoepNwine and DutchiesOnTour.

I like to think of myself as an honest salesperson, which tries to help as many people as I can, whenever I can and wherever I can! #supermum #accountant #psychologist #mechanic #immigrationlawyer #taxagent #cook #younameit #daarbenikvoor



Hi, I’m Heleen, or Helena, whatever you like best! 🙂

I’m from the Netherlands of course, and after having lived in Australia for nearly 6 years. I’m back in the Netherlands since May this year (2016).

I’ve worked, together with my good friend and colleague Lisanna, for nearly 2 years at Peterpans Adventure Travel in Melbourne, after finishing my tourism course in Australia. I’ve pretty much worked and travelled everywhere in Australia: from working as a gardener in Perth, to being a fitness instructor in Darwin or picking veggies in Far North Queensland, you name it! I have also travelled in New Zealand, South East Asia and many other places around the globe!

I will be your to-go-to person when you’re still in Holland, planning your trip, and you’re sick of the time-difference #mybiggestannoyment. Or if you like to plan your trip with me in person I’m always up for a coffee and a chat! #thankgodnederlandiskleinerdanaustralia

Travel is my passion, it always has been, and it always will be! It’s amazing to be able to help others plan their trip of a lifetime. To listen to what people want and organize or advise towards a personalized trip that suits their personality, age, bucket list and reasons to go travelling. And then hearing afterwards that they had the best time ever just makes me happy and proud 🙂



Nadine is very first intern / booking GURU / assistant / life-saver! How can we cope with all our bookings? BECAUSE OF HER!!!

She is the one doing all your bookings and making sure that everything is booked and confirmed and reserved and emailed back to you within 7 days after we’ve received your payment.

Want us to book in your open dated tickets? Changing your bus pass? #lazyisgood – email her: info@dutchies.travel and she will do it for you!



Hola! My name is Anna and I’m living in Santa Cruz, Bolivia since 2013. As a little girl I already dreamed of Latin America: beaches, palm trees and salsa. Off course, by now I know that Latin America is much more than those beaches I dreamed of as a little girl: Bolivia even has snow tipped mountaintops. This versatile continent, and especially Bolivia, has become my second home. Now how did I arrive in Bolivia? After finishing several studies (tourism, anthropology and Latin American studies) I started looking for volunteer opportunities in Latin America. Originally I wanted to go to Brazil (where I previously conducted my masters’ research) or Colombia (where I travelled before). Since life never exactly turns out how one plans it, I found an interesting volunteer opportunity in Santa Cruz, Bolivia; a complete unknown country for me. Meanwhile I’m married to a Bolivian man, mother of a little daughter and not planning to leave this diverse country any time soon.

Someone once said to me, Anna, travelling is not only something you like, it’s who you are. I agree. Therefore, I would like to share my passion for travelling, my love and knowledge of the beautiful, diverse, and sometimes raw Bolivia. Ask me anything about the highlights, roads less traveled, Bolivian culture (from witch markets to how to deal with roadblocks during your trip) etc. I´d love to give you mine sincere tips and tricks and I hope that my help can contribute to an even better time in Bolivia.



Hi, I’m Amy!

Born and raised in Amsterdam, where I used to work in a pharmaceutical laboratory, I came to Australia for a little change of scenery, and with the intention to stay a couple months, up to half a year,  maaaaaaaybe a year, but probably not.  Then, I too, fell in love with an Aussie guy and now.. here we are haha #sorrymum.

I’ve been in Australia since October 2015 and have had a couple different roles within the travel industry, so don’t be surprised if you run into me during your travels!

I’m currently based in Noosa (Queensland), which is pretty much paradise. Hopefully you’re lucky enough to see for yourself soon. When my visa expires in November, I will be travelling and working through New Zealand #perksofthejob. And then continue my role as travel advisor back home in Amsterdam.

Just like the other girls, I too have a passion for travelling, and I’m here to help! The fact that this happens to be my job, yeah that’s a very big bonus.


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