Dutchies.travel is the place for developing travel plans, ideas and dreams for all Dutch travelers (and their friends) in the world.

Why are Dutch people? Because, wherever you go: you will find us everywhere. # travel people.
The special thing is that in our own country we don't really care about each other (if you don't know each other) ..... but as soon as we take a step across the border: that changes.
Dutch people like to help Dutch people and it is especially nice if you are in a foreign country where you have someone you can trust,
who speaks your own language for a while or can just enjoy a nice beer!

Dutchies Travel helps Dutch people (and their friends) create the journey of a lifetime to Australia, New Zealand or Fiji. We love a personal relationship with the customer and avoid targets because we believe that we are planning a trip that suits the traveler. That is why everyone with us is appointed 1 to 2 travel advisors who help the customer before, during and after the journey. Our advisors have years of experience traveling through these countries, but these days are spread over different time zones so that we can handle a wide accessibility!

With the help of technological developments, a wide network of suppliers and a personal working method, Dutchies Travel wants to be the travel agency for travelers to Australia, New Zealand and / or Fiji.

How we work

The travel advisors of Dutchies.travel generally live and work outside the Netherlands for 5+ years and therefore know a lot about the country you are traveling to!
We are happy to give advice on the nicest places, help with making calendars and travel plans, and can recommend the best trips!
With our entire team we have tried out almost every activity ourselves, and we can therefore estimate what suits you and what does not.

We are known for giving: honest, fast, experienced and personal advice, and (because it is an online agency) we can sometimes also arrange lower prices! #sodutch.
We are paid by the tour companies, so our service costs absolutely nothing!

There is already a lot of information on this page, but if you have other questions: contact one of our travel advisors! #dare to ask
The easiest way is via Facebook, because we have a personal chat there and you will not only get a personal answer, but also a very FAST reply! So don't be afraid: just add us, or send a private message! Do you prefer to do it personally? That is also possible! We can safely drink a coffee (or wine) if you are in the area! or if the distance is still a problem, we can always make a digital coffee out of it;) (skype or whatsapp call)

The "headquarters" (aka house) is located in Melbourne. You will also find us in all corners of the country.
Because we can work on our laptop from anywhere, we are not in a fixed place, but we do work in other time zones, which means we are available pretty much 24/7: D!
Don't you need our help, but would you rather do it all yourself? No worries: we have a webshop where all our products are for sale.


Does a job as a travel advisor look great to you? You can of course apply to us. #dreamjob
It is a requirement that you have experience in the travel world of Australia / NZ, because it is very difficult to train someone remotely.
And of course we would like you to know a piece of the country! Do you meet these criteria? Send an e-mail to heleen@dutchies.travel with your resume and a letter in which you tell us about all your dreams, travel experience and future plans.

It is also our goal to expand to all countries in the world where Dutch people can help other Dutch people and their friends in the same way as we do in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Are you or do you know someone who lives in other parts of the world and has a passion for travel (and travel sales)? Have you been living in the country for more than 2 years, and do you plan to stay here: Do you think a job as a travel advisor is something ?! Email lisanna@dutchies.travel and then see if we can do something for each other.

Corporate culture
At Dutchies Travel, accurate collaboration is a great asset. Because everyone works as a “digital nomad” remotely, in different time zones, all employees are expected to work independently and in a structured manner. Employees of Dutchies Travel are mostly adventurous and outgoing; not afraid to talk to the customer, suppliers or each other. A conversation with the customer is conducted in a respectful, friendly and genuine way.

Taking initiatives, thinking along and taking an extra step are appreciated and encouraged. The flat organizational structure works in this respect, since employees are directly involved in decision-making processes. Personal development is also encouraged.

Within the Dutchies Travel team, everyone is equal and - despite the physical distance - there is a sense of togetherness. The employees are helpful and reliable; they keep their promises.

Finally, environmental friendliness is important for Dutchies Travel. That is why customers are encouraged to use environmentally conscious products while traveling, only sustainable business gifts are purchased and money is donated annually to a charity dedicated to the environment.