Your trip is booked based on the following conditions:

  • You receive your travel tickets, also called "vouchers", which are booked by us on your behalf, at different organizations using different booking systems.
  • Every company can apply their own conditions and cancellation costs to your trip.

Booking confirmations.

  • Tickets booked on a date: It is your own responsibility that you are on time to travel on the booked date and time. You must reconfirm all trips at least 48 hours in advance (or when indicated otherwise). Also, if applicable, pay the additional costs and confirm dietary requirements.
    If you want to change the date of your booked tour, you must contact the provider immediately and inform it in good time.
  • Open date vouchers: You must book your tickets in advance by date by contacting the provider directly. We recommend booking at least 3-7 days in advance for day trips, 14 days for Fraser Island trips, and 21 days for Whitsundays trips. (Note that in high season it is wise to count 21 days for Fraser Island).

Cancellations and money back.

  • If you cancel your booked trip or activity or part of it yourself, a cancellation tax of 20% of the value of the tour will be applied. ("20% cancelation fee"). Additionally, if the provider charges us for the cancellation, you must also pay this amount. As a result, it may be that the tax ultimately reaches 100% of the amount paid. Regardless of whether the journey has already started or not. (For example, if the trip is not canceled earlier than 24 hours in advance).
    The cancellation levy always applies when the tour itself can go ahead, but for certain reasons you are unable or unwilling to participate in the tour, for example when you cannot be on time at the place of destination to participate on the tour in (for example because a road is closed due to a flood). The usual cancellation charge applies if the tour continues despite your absence, or would continue if you were on time. We therefore strongly recommend that you take out cancellation insurance in addition to your travel insurance.
  • When a tour is canceled by the provider itself, we reimburse the amount paid minus 10% administration costs ("10% admin fee"). This does not apply to the following activities: A diving course where you do not pass the medical test; the Heli & hike at Franz Josef when it is canceled within 3 days before the tour date due to bad weather; you receive a full refund for these activities.
  • For canceling flights and buses, a 100% cancellation fee is always charged. If a reimbursement applies from the provider, you can choose to use the amount paid (minus any levies from the provider) to book another activity. In this case we can charge a $ 30 transfer fee.
    We always try to reimburse reimbursements as quickly as possible, but if, for example, a natural disaster occurs, it may take a little longer (maximum 30 days) due to crowds.
  • Credit card costs and other charges are not reimbursed.
  • If you have purchased an 'open dated' ticket from us, and you want to change it to another product, for whatever reason (for example, if you have booked a Whitsundays boat, but you want to change it to another boat, or you are too late with booking your desired data and now it is full) we can change this for you free of charge. However, if you choose a tour that is cheaper than the original booking, we will not refund the difference in price.

Travel and cancellation insurance

We agree with the recommendation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade that all travelers must take out comprehensive travel insurance. It is your personal responsibility to take out insurance that covers all liability for which you wish to be insured.

We recommend that you take out insurance that includes cancellation insurance. If your flight is delayed, or your bus is unable to leave / is very delayed, so you miss your tour / activity, you can claim this back with your insurance. We recommend that you take out insurance with a low deductible so that claiming canceled tours is worthwhile. Please note, most insurance policies only reimburse tours and activities that are booked before you leave for Australia, not what was only booked during your trip in Australia.


  • We do our utmost to put together a tour or package that best meets your personal requirements. However, we take no responsibility for incidents that occur with regard to or during individual tours or activities with individual providers. We are always happy to hear any reviews of tours.
  • We appreciate your feedback, whether these are complaints, compliments or suggestions and if necessary we help to link this back to the provider (s).
  • We are not responsible for damage, loss, extra costs that you may suffer during a tour, accommodation or trip, for whatever reason. These matters are the responsibility of the individual providers, and you agree that you will not hold us liable if this occurs.

We do our utmost to book the best tours for the best prices for you. We take no responsibility for fluctuating prices or changing prices by the provider. This also applies to tours that are subject to exchange rate fluctuations.


Extra cost
Many tours involve extra costs that you need to be aware of. These costs vary per provider, but common additional costs are: EMC tax, jellyfish (diving) suit, luggage storage, sleeping bag rent, bed linen rent, National park charge, food, insurance, accommodation, equipment rent, gas tax. We draw your attention to the extra costs up to the point where this is reasonably possible. Also always check this when you reconfirm the tour.


Passport & Visa
It is your own responsibility to be in possession of a valid passport and visa, which meet the requirements of the government of the country that you are visiting. All fines, payments or other costs that must be incurred because the requirements are not met is your own responsibility. All travelers must be in possession of a valid passport. Many countries require that the passport is valid for at least another 6 months from the time of departure from the relevant country.